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Enhancing and Maintaining Energy System Resilience
Areas of Focus and Change
An American Gas Foundation Study Prepared by: Guidehouse

Resilience is an inherent and crucial component of a dependable energy system obtained through diverse and redundant energy sources.  Gas system resiliency and the ability to meet seasonal and peak demands represent important elements that must be considered when designing energy systems and a low-carbon future.  Recent weather events have shown the value and necessity of a resilient gas system and the inextricable linkage between fuel delivery, the supply of electricity, and peak energy management across the gas and electric systems.  

This study provides the technical, commercial, and regulatory analysis associated with the resilience of the US gas system with the goal of identifying the necessary changes to the policy and regulatory framework for the energy industry to support gas system resilience investments. It builds off the prior report published by the American Gas Foundation and Guidehouse in January 2021: Building a Resilient Energy Future: How the Gas System Contributes to US Energy System Resilience and examines the following key questions. 

  • What characteristics of the current regulatory framework enable or hinder gas resilience?
  • What recommended changes are needed to fully enable gas system resilience?
  • How can resilience be valued and measured to better qualify gas infrastructure investments?
  • Through what modified regulatory frameworks can the recommended changes be implemented?

The study also examines opportunities to enhance the resilience of the entire “energy system” and how future investments in the gas system that support the resilience of other parts of the energy system can also support a low-carbon future and the increased integration of renewables in both the gas and electric grids.

The study’s report provides recommendations on how utilities, regulators, policymakers, and stakeholder groups can collectively advance innovative solutions to achieve enhanced energy system resiliency.

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